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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Information about the Tattoo Price

There is one slogan in tattoo industry “A Good Tattoo Is not Cheap and Cheap Tattoo Is Not Good”. But I would like to include my personal opinion that expensive tattoo does not mean it is with high quality.

How a tattoo is priced  

There are two basically accepted tattoo pricing methods i.e. flat fee and hourly fee, and both have pros and cons respectively.

Flat fee: In this type of price estimation fixed types of designs like roses, hearts, etc. are decorated on the walls of tattoo shop with an exact price tag on it.  The tattoo price will be varying according to changes and complexity of resized and redesigned tattoo designs.

Pros:  It is very comfortable for customers to fixed budget of tattoo and just go with available tattoo patterns in the tattoo shop. In addition, comparison with fixed rates of tattoos available in different tattoo shops is possible with this type of tattoo price method.

Cons:  As the tattoo has fixed price tag, tattoo artist can say to customer that "This is price just make it or leave it".  As the tattoo design fixed the artist can cover it in hurry and finish the work as early as possible.

Hourly fee: In this type of tattoo price estimation method the fee will be charged according to the time or hours spend to create particular tattoo. The hourly fee tattoo price is varying according to tattoo shops status and tattoo artists experience. Depending upon shop, artist’s experience and quality it has been found that some tattoo shops charged $50 to $60 up to $100 per hour. I have also heard of some artists getting upwards of $200 - $250 per hour.

Pros: This type of pricing method is useful when the tattoo artist has enough experienced and takes only few hours or minuets to complete your tattoo with perfect satisfaction and quality.  It may be possible that some flat tattoo cost less when you go same tattoo design with hourly fee method.

Cons: It may be possible that tattoo artist purposefully extends the time for creating simple tattoo and make it more costly.

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