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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Finger Tattoos

Today's era finger tattoos are most famous and take over the fashion of nail art and wearing fancy rings for decorating your fingers. In the ancient times, there was a tradition among women having the name of their husband put on the ring finger. Now this is no longer limited to women; men also like to have tattoos on their fingers. In this type of tattooing an individual has different designs on each finger or even various designs on each finger.

Finger tattoos are the impressive format to represent eternal love between a couple with matching tattoos on their fingers. Sometimes these tattoos play a secret source of an inspiration role to build a positive bond between a couple. Name tattoo is the interesting idea for men and women inked on each other's fingers.    

Finger tattoos have to be really visible and impressive designs because it is always on display. The design you get is definitely based on personal choice. These tattoos range from the simplest to the most complex one. Some even have words or logos put on fingers.

Here we bring few finger tattoo ideas and designs. You can pick any one of them to make your choice.

Ring Finger Tattoo

Infinity Ring Tattoo

Heart Finger Tattoo

Feather Tattoo on Finger

Word Finger Tattoo

Finger Tattoo Lettering

Few Famous Finger Tattoos

Friday, 5 September 2014

Most Popular Skull Tattoos Among World

Nowadays, Skull tattoos are most popular designs all over tattooing industry. The skull designs are not only used in tattoos but also in paintings and optical illusions. The main question arises in everyone's mind why people have skull tattoos? The meaning of these Skulls in tattoo represents the vessel of the soul, or wisdom of ancestors. These skulls are not a symbol of death; it is a symbol of rebirth.

In today's fashion industry, people may love these kinds of tattoos to look cool but on the other side, skulls often appear with other objects, representing their integrated meaning, e.g., skull and roses, it means grateful dead or love and death. These combine tattoo designs are most popular on the arm, back, chest, etc., but it can be present in an artistic manner so that it brightens individual's personality.

Here we present most popular skull tattoos all over the word.

  • Skull and Roses Sleeve Tattoo   
  • Skull Tattoo for Man
  • Skull and Crows
  • Skull half Sleeve Tattoo
  • Skull and Girl Tattoo
  • Skull Tattoo for Woman
  • Sugar Skull Half Sleeve Wip
  • Freehand Skull on Head Tattoo
  • Candy Skull Tattoo
  • Skull Tattoo on Hand
  • Angel and Skull Tattoo
  • Leaf and Skull Tattoo
  • Skull Tattoo on Chest
  • Arm Sleeve Skulls Tattoo
  • Skull and Rose Tattoo Thomas Hooper
  • Cool Skull Tattoo Design for Female
  • Skull Tattoos Ear
  • Skull Tattoo Arm

Skull and Roses Sleeve Tattoo

Skull Tattoo for Man

Skull and Crows

Skull Half Sleeve Tattoo

Skull and Girl Tattoo

Skull Tattoo for Woman

Sugar Skull Half Sleeve Wip


Freehand Skull on Head Tattoo

Candy Skull Tattoo

Skull Tattoo on Hand

Angel and Skull Tattoo

Leaf and Skull Tattoo

Skull Tattoo on Chest

Arm Sleeve Skulls Tattoo

Skull and Rose Tattoo Thomas Hooper

Cool Skull Tattoo Design for Female

Skull Tattoo Ear

Skull Tattoo Arm

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tattoo Font Generator

The blog about tattooing is useless without a single post about tattoo font generator so it’s my little try to present font generator machine.

Frankly, speaking about this, I am totally inspired by the website TattooLettering.Net and create this post on my blog. In this online tattoo font generator tool we have hundreds of tattoo fonts with distinct styles so that user can enjoy different possibilities of tattoo font styling.


Pick the tattoo font color

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Buddha Tattoos and It's Meanings

Who is Buddha?? The answer is, he was the founder of religion Buddhism and founded principles of Buddhism. It is one of the oldest and the most widespread religions in the world. Basically, Buddha was the prince named Siddhartha, and he left all his property and palace in search of peace and meditation.

In this post, I am going to cover different Gautam Buddha tattoos with various positions, which having distinct meanings itself.

1. Simple Buddha with a raised palm tattoo: This is very common Buddha tattoo that means Buddha giving blessings to all who sees the tattoo.

2. Buddha with the famous finger folded tattoo: This type of tattoo is known as Buddha Mudra tattoo. It has been found that after Buddha’s death lots of statues made all over the world, and this Mudra position is common among all.

3. Buddha with a lotus tattoo: This kind of tattoo is the symbol of the path of spiritual development. Mostly, this lotus is ink with the combination of Buddha face and Buddha with his raised palm.

4. Golden Buddha in a meditative position tattoo: This type of tattoo reflects the individual’s devotion to this religious sect or to the meditative mind of Buddha. In this meditative position, there is an extraordinary deep satisfaction on the face of Lord Buddha.The meaning of Golden Buddha in a meditative position tattoo is to live life with power and happiness.

5. Laughing Buddha tattoo: It is the tattoo design in which big fat Chinese Buddha laughing very joyfully .This tattoo means to spend life very happily and bearing this type of tattoo surly helps to make your life joyful and cheerful.

6. Buddha face tattoo: This is a sign of calmness, peace and contentment. Buddha’s face is a perfect example of equality and balance; his eyes speak more than expressions on the face. Curly hairs increase the beauty of Gautam Buddha.

7. Buddha’s face with a Chinese symbol tattoo: In this tattoo, mostly colors used are black and grey. This is perfect combination to express peace with these two colors along with Buddha’s face and Chinese symbol.

8. The whole Buddha figure tattoo: Basically, this is meditation Asana of Buddha in which he folded his one arm and other is resting on his knee.

9. Buddha in a Chinese symbol tattoo: This is the tattoo in which whole Buddha figure is arranged with Chinese symbol. It represents peace and Buddhism.

10. Buddha with a background tattoo: In order to give an enigmatic look to your Buddha tattoo some people add a smoky background, Buddhist markings, etc. to highlight the Buddha’s tattoo.    

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Infinity Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Infinity is the mathematical symbol that represents endlessness, or it also termed as the lemniscate. This infinity symbol looks like eight, which is in sleeping position; Ok!!, jokes apart let’s come to main point about Infinity.

In mathematics, the infinity means something so big that it cannot be calculated, or even it has no end. In a today’s life the meaning of Infinity in the tattoo world is related to people's thoughts and mind matters.This symbol itself represents that there is no starting point as well as ending point like thoughts in mind and surely with the Infinity tattoo design, the individual’s emotions and thoughts fly towards endlessness.

It has been found that so many people in the world interested to print an impression of infinity tattoo on their body. There are huge variations with these infinity tattoo designs possible with different style, fashion and position on the body. So here I am going to present different amazing infinity tattoos for those who believe in expressing their endless emotions towards life.

Biceps Infinity Tattoo

This type of Biceps infinity tattoo represents the strong approach towards life.

Feet Infinity Tattoo

Feet infinity tattoo design gives an idea that represents huge foundation that will go long way throughout life, and it will make life successful.

Wrist Band Shape Infinity Tattoo

This wrist band shape infinity tattoo gives an extra space to the tattoo lovers to write an extra wording inside that infinity sign.

Small Infinity Sign Tattoo

This is perfect infinity tattoo design if this is the first tattoo you’re going to ink on your body.

Friends Infinity Signs Tattoo

This will surely represent bonding and closeness with your friends.

Infinity Neck Tattoo

This infinity neck tattoo design surely gives a shining and glamorous look, whether you are guy or girl.

Cool Infinity Symbol on Feet

It will definitely give some kind of hot and trendy look to individual’s feet according to the gender of bearer.

Charming Infinity Sign Tattoo

This type of Charming Infinity tattoo sign is commonly used by cute teenage girls, and these are more popular among them.

Couple Infinity Signs Tattoo

These Couple Infinity tattoo designs are mostly shared among life partners, best friends, brother sisters, and family members.

Stay Strong Infinity tattoo

This type of infinity tattoo encourages individuals to stay strong in your life and be brave.

Colored Infinity Neck Tattoo

It always represents connection and joyfulness towards life and constantly approaches positively towards life.

Lovers Infinity Symbol

Lover's infinity tattoo symbol makes strong mutual bonding and  even strongest love relation between them.