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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Information about Types of Tattoo Needles

In the modern era of tattooing the tools and products used in tattoo creation takes most important role. The tattoo needle is one of the products used in tattooing. There are various types of tattoo needles available in the market, depending upon the tattoo requirements the exact needle used for that particular tattoo.

Round Liner Tattoo Needles: These types of round linear tattoo needles are particularly used for outlining purpose;it gives a proper tattoo outline. The main advantages of these needles are it results in sharper lines with less skin contact.

Bugpin Round Liners: These types of needles are used for super-tight outlining and fine detail work. These are made-up of set of 3-4 needles on the bar with 4mm taper to create sharper lines.

Round Shader Tattoo Needles: These tattoo needles are especially used in small skin areas for effective shading, filling colors, etc. These needles allow for more skin contact which results in extra deposition of pigment.

Flat Shader Tattoo Needles: These needles are particularly used for creating geometric shapes, straight lines, lettering, and shading. Flate Shader needles made-up of 4-9 needles on a bar with 2mm taper for deposition of more pigment.

Magnum Tattoo Needles: Especially use for large area of skin and coloring tattoo. These are made with 5-15 needles on the bar with short 2mm taper to cover greater skin contact for allowing the great amount of pigments.

Bugpin Magnum Shader Tattoo Needles: Invented for smooth filling with fast speed whenever soft blending is needed. It is made up of 5-17 needles, and short 2mm taper for more skin contact.

Double Stack Magnum Tattoo Needles: This type of needles set up with one row of needles stack upon another to make two rows and used for color packing or filling larger areas of skin.

Curved Magnum Tattoo Needles: In these types of needles, the outer needles are set shorter than the inside ones to create a curved shape. More useful for achieving soft edges when filling and shading. It is made up of 5-15 needles on the bar with a short 2mm taper for releasing more pigment.

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