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Sunday, 21 October 2012

La Ink Website

It has been found that many people in all over the world searching Kat Von D’s la ink website for la ink tattoo designs, la ink tattoo gallery and Kat Von D’s personal tattoo designs.

I am also a big fan of her, and I have gathered information about la ink website .I am equally important going to mention my personal views about Kat Von D’s official la ink website.

This website is very creatively designed and totally fulfills the requirements and personality of this famous tattoo artist. Each page in this website having a background image of Kat Von D. When you enter the website’s home page, it will show you two option website in html format and in a flash format with beautiful background photo of Kat.
When you enter html mode, you will be able to see different categories like Kat Von D bio, her tattoo gallery, Merch , links and other tattoo designs, News section, calendar and last but not list her contact information. i.e Twitter, Facebook and Myspace pages.

On the other hand, in flash mode, you are able to see same categories but the presentation of each page displaying with flash slide show, and that feeling is really awesome.

Here I present few Kat Von D art, wallpapers and tattoo from La Ink

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