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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Tattoo Fonts for Tattooing

Tattoo fonts in text tattoo play an important role in order to express meaningful sayings to express individual's emotions through their tattoos. Nowadays, text tattoos become trendier because many people choose words, names, short quotes while tattooing.

If you have already decided text tattoo for your body, the next step will be what kind of lettering you would like to apply on your tattoo. All among the tattoo fonts, script fonts are more popular because it looks personal and unique, fonts like calligraphy and handwriting. Apart from this Old English fonts are also used a lot in tattoo designs. Celtic fonts, graffiti fonts, blade fonts, etc. are also more popular tattoo fonts nowadays.

There are lots of resources on the Internet where you would find free tattoo fonts, so I have decided to share popular tattoo fonts on my blog also. If you like any of the fonts here, just right click and save it on your hard drive and enjoy tattooing.

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  1. The second tattoo is misspelled, is this by choice? Should be "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies" not "...butterfiler" What is a butterfiler anyway?

    1. Yes, this is misspelled, but you can say it is individual's choice.. :) Thanks for commenting Luis.