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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Rihanna Tattoos and Its Meanings

Rihanna is a famous celebrity addicted with tattoo and tattooing passion.  More than 50,000 people searches Rihanna's tattoos per month approximately, so I am going to provide information and designs of famous Rihanna's tattoos.

1. Music Note Tattoo on Her Ankle
These are two symbols that represent musical note and her passion about music.  This is a type of foot tattoo or ankle tattoo.

2. A Star Tattoo in Her Left Ear
It is first time that any celebrity tried tattooing in side ear, Yes you read right it is star shaped tattoo, which has been created inside of her ear.

3. Pisces Sign Tattoo Behind Right Ear
Pisces is set of small star symbols .This Pisces tattooed on her right ear and covered almost all right side of her neck. This tattoo represents her creative and expressive character.

4. Sanskrit Prayer Tattoo on Her Hip
The first four words are meaning : Forgiveness, Truth, Repression, Calmness and rest of words not visible due to cloths . :)
This is encouragement tattoo, and it gives spiritual strength to Rihanna.

5. ‘love’ Tattoo on her Left Middle Finger
This was created in the year of 2008 and tattooed on left hand middle finger, but it is not easy to observe as compare to her other body tattoos.

6. Arabic Phrase Tattoo on Her Ribcage Area
This tattoo is placed on the left side of her ribcage. This tattoo meaning is ‘Freedom is god’. This is made after lots of thinking about which body area is going to target this time.

7. A Trail of Stars Going Down Her Back Tattoo

This is set of beautiful stars spread down to her back in shape of ‘S’. This tattoo represents beauty and just pure beauty.

8. The Date Tattoo on Top of Her Left Shoulder
Many people said that tattoo on her left shoulder XI-IV-LXXXVI represents her date of birth, but it’s wrong it is a birth date of her best friend and assistant Melissa Forde.

9. Henna style dragon claw with Hawaiian Hibiscus Flowers Tattoo
This tattoo is a symbol of relationship between Chris Brown, and Rihanna. Chris also have this type of tattoo.

10. A Handgun Tattoo
There are many rumors behind this tattoo like her relationship drama with former boyfriend Chris Brown.

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