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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Egyptian Tattoos with Meanings

The land of ancient Egypt is well known for its rich literary work, sculptures, paintings, architecture and more. Egyptian tattoos represent power, prestige and of course their glorifying history. Tattoo lovers from around the globe consider Egyptian tattoos to be one of the most fascinating, thought provoking, mysterious yet beautiful and simple, all at the same time.

So, if you are one of those who is desperately waiting to get a tattoo imprinted in a manner that will stand out in the crowd, this is what you should definitely have a glance on. Listed below are few of the significant tattoo designs taken from the Egyptian culture with deep underlying meanings that add to your personality.

The Ankh: 

The Ankh symbolizes eternal life after death and constitutes of a symmetrical cross with three arms and a loop in place of the north pointing arm. Strong believers of life after death consider the ankh to be the only super power that helps through the passage of afterlife.

Imprinting the ankh on your wrist or ankle has been a popular choice amongst youth; however, you can get it on your shoulders or behind the neck as well.

The Scarab:

A playful scarab is the sign of spontaneity and rebirth. This dung beetle representation looks best on the wrist, hip or back of neck, mostly crafted in multiple vibrant colors. Scarabs also go well with other tattoo designs clubbed together to represent enthusiasm and joy.

The Eye of Horus:

Horus is the God of Sky who had sacrificed his eye during a battle. And therefore, the eye of Horus tattoo signifies protection or all seeing third eye. This mythological character looks best when appears as a neck tattoo, and is sometimes grouped with the Scarab.


Egyptian tattoos are incomplete without the mention of pyramids. One of the interesting aspects of these tattoos is that they can be imprinted on any part of the body reflecting great power and energy. Depending on the shape and orientation, pyramid designs on the spine, upper arm, and leg can define stability, goal or in short a strong purpose in your life. A large pyramid design on the back is one of the most beautiful tattoo imprints you can opt for.


Bastet, the Cat goddess is one of the favorite designs for all cat lovers across the globe. Bastet appears as a black cat in silhouette and looks best on the upper arm with the tail curling around for a coolest fashion statement.

The Ba:

Legendary stories reflect Ba to be a faithful bird that would complete all tasks before returning home at night, and therefore this Egyptian bird signifies perseverance. It is also believed that Ba could travel in between life and death and hence seen as a part of the person’s soul. This tattoo design looks best as a centerpiece of sleeve.


One of the most beautiful and popular Egyptian tattoos is the Sphinx representing the sole protector of pyramids. Carved on a single mass of stone, it represents a man with a body of a lion to depict power, wisdom and strength. This magnificent piece could be created on any of your body parts; however, a large imprint on the back stands as an unmatched design amongst all tattoos.

This was all about Egyptian tattoos with meanings. Make sure that before you choose any of the above mentioned design, you know and understand the meaning that relates to your personality, thoughts and choices.