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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tattoos By Corey Miller

Who is Corey Miler?? Answer is, he is a famous tattoo artist from the show LA ink. In this post, I am going to provide you complete information about Corey and his popular tattoos.

When he was fifteen-years old, he has started his career in the tattoo industry. Amazingly, the first tattoo he had created was an accident; In the year of 1982, he was part of punk rock band and decided to create his initial tattoo.That was the moment when he entered in tattoo artist’s profession. He curved his own tattoo on himself and also created his tattoo machine for that.He used a fish tank pump motor, a bent tooth brush, a tip of pen and guitar string as a needle.

Nowadays, he has his own tattoo parlor named “Six Feet Under”. The name of the tattoo parlor also has some part of history with it. In 1991, Corey Miller started his own tattoo parlor by partnership with two businessmen and after some time, he had some type of clashes with them, so he left that tattoo parlor and started the same job in his house.For that he chooses the basement room in his house and there only the “Six Feet Under” named discovered by him. Now he is working with set of the tattoo artists in the same shop.

Here I am going to explore tattoo designs by Corey Miller, hope all you fans of Corey like this page a lot. Cheers!!!

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