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Saturday, 9 April 2016

List of Tattoo Designs for Men with Meaning

Tattooing has been the most modish fashion statement since ages. People who love having these body modifications cannot count on anything trendier than having tattoos on skin.

Tattoos are not simply designs that you get printed on your skin. It defines a lot about your personality, beliefs and ideas. Having a tattoo is not as lame as just having a design on your body that makes one attractive. It is a form of art and therefore needs to relate to your inner self and persona.

Hence, it is always wiser to choose tattoos after knowing their meanings and how they could somehow relate to you.

Below listed are few tattoo designs for men along with their meanings. Check it out before you get that permanent tattoo only to regret later!

Lighthouse tattoos:

Lighthouse is something that shows path to sailors sailing across oceans at night. Therefore, lighthouse tattoos symbolizes help and support. It is suitable for people who love helping others and rather look for opportunities to aide people in distress. It is also opted by people who have great fascination for ocean waters.

Name tattoos:

Name tattoos signify commitment towards the person whose name is to be imprinted. Therefore, these are something that needs to be opted only when someone is more than sure about his commitment towards the particular person. These are also used to revive the memories of closed ones who are no longer with you.

Phoenix tattoos:

This is one of the most popular tattoo designs. Phoenix is a character relating to Greek mythology. It is a bird that lived for six centuries and again took a new life from the ashes of its predecessor to live for another cycle. It represents immortality and longevity.

Dragon tattoos:

These tattoos offer a lot of variations in designs and therefore suitable for any part of your body. Dragons are also mythological characters that have been projected in a number of ways; possessing numerous specialties. Therefore, dragon tattoo designs can also have various meanings such as; wisdom, kindness, good luck etc.

Angel and Angel wings tattoos:

Another very popular tattoo designs among men is the angel and angel wings design. These are broad tattoos suitable for chest, back, arms, neck and shoulders. Angels are considered divine creatures or the messengers of God. Therefore, Angel tattoos define protection, love, care and faith.

Skull tattoos:

These signify courage, adventure and life lived on edges. However, skull designs sometimes are interpreted as being something negative, death and evil. Again many opt for these designs after having fought a deadly disease as well.

Cross tattoos:

These tattoo designs have been wrongly cornered as something related to religion alone. Apart from the religious belief, these tattoo designs can also be acquired to show love for people or an act of remembrance. Another very important reason behind its popularity is that, these designs look good in all shapes and sizes.

Starfish Tattoos:

In Christian belief, starfish represents Virgin Mary; while in Egyptian mythology it represents Goddess Isis and Romans symbolizes it as Venus. Starfish tattoos mean patience, love and mystery.

These were the eight exciting tattoo designs that every man can opt for. Now, that you are aware about the meanings, choosing a tattoo best suiting your personality cannot be a difficult task.