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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Tattoo Designs for Women/Girls with Meaning

While for some, getting a tattoo done is nothing more than donning a new attire; however, for many, these are something that define their personalities.

Most of us considering a tattoo may conveniently visit a shop, choose one of the most popular designs and get it imprinted on our skin. However, tattoos are something that are permanent, and every tattoo has an underlying meaning that adds to or degrades our personalities, before others who are aware of the meanings they hold. Therefore, it is always suggested to conduct a bit of research on the significance of tattoo designs and then choosing one that best suits your persona.

Here are five interesting tattoo designs for women with their underlying meanings:


When it comes to the fairer gender, one of the most popular tattoo design has to be that of a butterfly or a group of tiny little butterflies punched on any part of the body. Irrespective of the location, butterfly tattoo hold the same meaning and females all over the globe use the butterfly impression in various colours, forms and styles.

In a nutshell, butterflies define beauty, elegance and freedom. Butterflies crafted with beautifully sketched wings denote freedom and an urge to fly higher without any inhibition or limitation. These also symbolize inspiration and an utmost desire to be free from all social traps.

Zodiac Signs: 

Crafting a design related to one’s zodiac sign has been the favourite tattoo impression amongst women for quite some time now. Evident from the name, zodiac designs are often opted by people who believe and have a keen interest in learning about traits or destiny based on their sun sign.

For someone who is not interested in sun signs and traits related to these, getting a zodiac related tattoo may hold no meaning.


Similar to butterflies, stars are also another very common tattoo design for women. Mostly crafted as a bunch of little stars, solitary stars also depict a deep underlying meaning.

In the night sky, stars stand as an ultimate source of light amidst all darkness. Similarly, stars designed as tattoos signify a ray of hope, truth and success after all odds. It is because of this beautiful and in-depth message that it conveys, stars remain as one of the most desirable and choicest tattoo designs especially for women.

Sun and Moon: 

Apart from the stars, the sun and moon from our celestial system also finds place in the favourite list of tattoo designs for women. Sun is the source of life, energy and new beginnings. Therefore, people who have been through a lot of struggles in life, and yet have stood against all odds in order to start afresh find the Sun tattoo most significant as well as powerful.

Moon has an endless significance relating to dreams, magic, mystery, intuition, life and energy. Moon in all forms relate to bigger dreams, creativity and intuition. They have been the favourite options for all including the ones who don’t perceive the meaning in its core sense.


Birds are the widest variety of tattoo designs available for women. On a broader prospect, birds denote freedom and passion. However, similar to various species of birds, there are different tattoo designs with multiple meanings. As for example, dove denotes peace and peacocks denote beauty. Therefore, depending on the type of bird you may look up for the exact meaning pertaining to that particular species of your choice.

This was all about popular tattoo designs for women with meanings. Now that you are well versed with the significance of each tattoo design you may go ahead and get yourself imprinted with the most beautiful and meaningful design apt for your persona. 

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