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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tattoo in Kansas City

It has been discovered by one survey that, each state in United States has different tattoo requirements and tattoo in Kansas City is one of the most popular query searches on the Internet nowadays.

What is The Best Tattoo Parlors in Kansas City?

This is the question that will be asked while searching tattoo parlors in Kansas City. I am covering most popular tattoo parlors in Kansas City with proper contact information so that it will be useful to my readers.

1. John Monks Revelation Tattoo Shop
7208 N Oak Trafficway
Telephone: (816) 420-0987

This tattoo shop is mostly popular for piercing and delivering your tattoo needs with a high energy with its first-class service. It is a traditional tattoo studio that provides Americana to the Sophisticated Japanese, Full Color, Tribal, Black & Gray all types of tattoo services.

2. Freaks On Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111
4039 Broadway rd
Telephone: (816) 531-5825

It is the home of the most talented tattoo artist and piercers. Shea, Moya, Justin Sims, Ryan, Kasper, and Zeke are the famous tattoo artists in Freaks On Broadway. They always serve the highest quality tattoo to their clients, and each one has different and unique tattooing skills to attract the customer.

3. Mercy Seat Tattoo
Kansas City, MO 64108
210 E 16th St
Telephone: (816) 421-4833

The Mercy Seat Tattoo shop is situated at the heart of Kansas City i.e. at the corner of Grand Blvd. and 16th Street. They have a tattoo artist's squad, including Mikey Wheeler, Scott Shickman, Chris Orr, Wesley Brockman, Chet Duvenci, Dana Howard, and Jason Pollard and all of them specialize in original, high-quality work.

4. A-1 Tattoos
Gladstone, MO 64118
6805 N. Oak
Telephone: (816) 436-0622

You can say that A-1 tattoos studio is the oldest tattoo parlor in Kansas City.  It was established during the year of 1993. A-1 tattoo shop’s specialty is that it is owned by a husband and wife and open seven days a week.

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