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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Temporary Tattoos on Target

What are temporary tattoos?  It is impermanent image printed on the body which can remove easily or disappears after some time duration automatically. Temporary tattoos can be printed, drawn or airbrushed as we have art of body painting. It can be use as representation of some particular event or highlighting some events by printing these tattoos on a group of event management people.

The best examples of temporary tattoos are celebrity's tattoos; these tattoos are specially design for them according to the function which they are going to attend On the other hand, in case of actors, these tattoos are designed according to a role which he/she playing.

Temporary tattoos were started packaging with bubble gum candy, but that just start so quality of tattoo is very low at that time. It’s print was too blurred and can be easily washed out by water.  Modern temporary tattoos made of combination of ink and glue and have good quality as compare to old tattoos. These are remains on skin approximately 3-5 days without washing or rubbed away.

The temporary tattoos are made up of  five main constituents  the front of the sheet of paper, the back of the sheet of paper, ink, glue and a protective plastic sheet.  The front of the sheet is covered with special coating on which tattoo image is printed with tattoo ink. The glue is spread on tattoo image and then thin plastic sheet is placed on that.

While transferring an image on the body, we have to remove the plastic sheet  then place a tattoo image on skin apply some water in order to transfer moisture to tattoo image Alternatively, rub it gently as per instruction printed in tattoo sheet and remove the cover,  that’s it!! You have impermanent tattoo design print on your skin with our pain. So enjoy temporary tattoos. Cheers!!

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