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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Tattoo Machine and Its Different Types

A tattoo machine is a device which is used for a permanent marking of the indelible ink into the skin.  Modern tattoo machines are made up of electromagnetic coils, which move an armature bar up and down in order to push ink into the skin with the help of the needle.

There are many types of tattoo machines, linear and shader tattoo machines are the most common type of machines. Many more types are covered below.

Rotary tattoo machine: This type of machine invented by Manfred Kohrs of Germany in 1978. This is based on rotary technology and modified by tattoo artists through the years. Basically, an electric motor is used to drive the needle.

Coil tattoo machine: This is the most common type of tattoo machine. It is made up of an electromagnetic circuit to move the needle up and down. There are many variations in that from single-coiled machines to triple-coiled machines. These machines are made up of various sizes and different materials. All among coil tattoo machines Dual-tattoo machines are considered as standard.

Liner tattoo machine: The liner tattoo machine used to lay ink in the skin in a single shot to create a dominant line.

Shader tattoo machine:  It is basically used to shade dark or equivalent to black ink. The saturation level of shader tattoo machine is low so other colors also used in this type of machine.

Pneumatic tattoo machine:  It was invented by tattoo artist Carson Hill in 2000. Pneumatic tattoo machine powered by an air compressor, and its weight is very light.The pressurized air is used to drive the needles up and down.

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