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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Tattoo Sketches Gallery

This time we are come up with a tattoo sketches gallery. Collected here the best tattoo sketches on a single click. Different tattoo sketch ideas are published here along with easy tattoo sketches.

We tried to make available all types of tattoo sketches so that the tattoo sketches gallery name completely fulfilled here. Make use of these sketches and sketch tattoo that you like to do.

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Sunday, 24 February 2019

Tattoo Pain Chart Female

It is tough to gauge the psychology behind getting a body inked. The inclination towards emblazoning the body with a weird symbol, text, or an image is very dissimilar among people. However, what is common between all tattoo enthusiasts is the eagerness to know how painful it is to get inked. The longing is more when the person is getting his or her first tattoo. But the universal truth is all tattoos are painful no matter how strong the pain tolerance is of the person being tattooed.

As the body is structured of tissues, nerves, muscles, fats, and bones, getting a needle pierced through any part is painful. But getting a tattoo on certain body parts is more painful than others. This tattoo pain chart for female will help you identify the most painful body parts for getting inked.


The structure of the human head is composed of twenty-two separate bones, thus making it the hardest part of the body. So piercing something as hard as the head with a needle can obviously be painful. Getting a tattoo on the head is like drilling the skull. Many scream like a child and also spew out offensive words during tattooing. You have to have a strong mind and high pain tolerance to get a tattoo on the head.


If you are unlucky to visit a heavy-handed tattoo artist, then you are most likely to feel extreme pain when tattooing on the neck. The neck is an important body part since all the vital organs run through it. Anyone single wrong piercing could put you in danger. So instead of the front part of the neck, you can go for the back of the neck since it is less painful and will take around an hour or two depending on complexity and size of the design.


Nipples are the most sensitive body parts. As such, getting a tattoo on and around the nipples are quite painful. The degree of discomfort you will feel during tattooing on and around nipples will make you restless. There will be an extreme burning sensation that will make you feel as if your nipples are on fire. It's also possible that you may give up after a few minutes.


Armpit tattoos are trending for they make the armpit look beautiful. However, getting a tattoo on the armpit is painful because of the presence of major auxiliary nerves, lymph nodes, and glands. The pain is such that during the tattooing process, it's possible that you may yell 'stop' at your artist.

Inner Elbows

Any type of tattoo on the inner elbows definitely looks good. But due to the presence of ulnar and median nerves that run through the surface of inner elbows, hitting this area with a needle triggers pain. Moreover, fewer fats on that area deprive padding to the nerves. You will feel pain not only in the elbow, but also in the entire hand, wrists, and fingers.

Hands and Feet

Hands and feet are the most used body parts in our day-to-day life. They are the most bony-areas as well where all the nerves that run through our body end. That's what makes tattooing on hands and feet extremely painful. As compared to other body parts, tattoos on hands and feet require lots of touch-ups and multiple sessions.


If you ask anyone who has got his or her rib inked how painful was their experience, they will most likely advise you to get a tattoo on somewhere else but the rib. As the rib is composed of mainly bones and fewer fats, any needle hitting this area is like drilling the bone. Plus, the presence of major nerves in the rib with not enough flesh or muscle for cushioning also make it the worst area for tattooing.

Remember, tolerance for pain in female is more than male. Just make your mind strong to brace the pain and the result will amaze you. All you need to do is find an experienced tattoo artist who is light handed, and visualize the result to lessen pain.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Tattoo Pain Chart

Are you planning to get yourself inked, but wondering whether it hurts, or which part of the body would be less painful for tattooing? Here we present a complete tattoo pain chart for you.

Tattoo Pain 

There is no denying the fact that tattoos hurt. You will hardly find anyone with a tattoo affirming that he or she didn't feel the pain. Those who say tattoos don't hurt are flatly lying just to project themselves brave in front of you. And if they are really saying the truth, then it's possible that they have a  high pain threshold. After all, the pain tolerance in people do differs.

Tattoo Pain Chart
Tattoo Pain Chart
The level of endurance you hold will also play a significant role in bearing the pain of needling. Moreover, the location of the tattoo will be the factor for agony from inking. Furthermore, the experience of the tattoo artist will also be the key for a painful experience. If he or she is heavy-handed, the discomfort will be more than compared to light and gentle-handed.

How bad tattoos hurt?

Before getting that coveted mark, sign, letter, emblem, or picture inked, prepare your mind to endure pain and agony. The piercing of the needle will also have blood and plasma oozing out of the area where the tattoo artists will work. A stinging and burning sensation in the area is sure. After some time, the jabbing makes one feel as if the needle is cutting the flesh and trying to dig the bone. However, the sensation reduces as the person sits through the process and the pain and sufferings  vanish once the tattoo artist finishes the job.

Most Painful Locations

Groin & Genitals: The groins and genitals are the most sensitive parts of our body and are covered with bundles of nerves. They are the most painful parts to get a tattoo because a major portion of nerves in the body runs through areas.

Inner Elbow: This is another painful spot since there are high chances of the needle touching the bone.

Ribcage: Even the hardcore tattoo fan would say that this is the most painful area to ink. Since it doesn't has much skin, fat, and muscle, it offers no cushion for the tattoo needle. If your pain tolerance is low, don't consider ribcage for a tattoo.

Arm Pit: This is where the several nerves, lymph nodes, and glands are present. You will experience maximum pain by inking in this area. Moreover, you will have to suffer the pain for a longer time since it takes time to subside.

Kneecap: Getting a tattoo on the knee is as painful as inking on the elbow and armpit. There are some who've cried and even passed out when getting the needle move on the kneecap.

Ankles: These parts of the body play a major role in balancing our body because of the bundled nerves. There are less skin, fat, and muscle in ankles and provide no padding making them most uncomfortable body part to get a tattoo.

Remember, pain is reality, but only for a limited time. So don't feel afraid or refrain yourself from getting a tattoo. The reward for pain that you suffer patiently throughout the process will definitely amaze you.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Best Tattoo Artists in the World 2019

The art of emblazoning a human body is as old as any other occupation humankind is known to. However, in the last few decades, it has spiraled to such a height of popularity that modern-day population is on the verge of becoming a slave to it. Whether young or old, every person today tames a dream of posing a tattoo. If you too have one and want to get your body inked, here are the best tattoo artists in the world making waves in 2018 with their skills.

Carolyn Blaine (USA)

Her journey to the world of tattoo started during the high-school days when she used to draw tattoos for her friends. Eventually, she turned her hobby into a lucrative profession as she grew up, and works at MayDay Tattoo Co. in Chicago. Today, she has an envious list of esteem clients with Angelina Jolie on the top. Her Instagram and Facebook accounts are flooded with images of tattoos. Many of her tattoo works have earned her several awards. She is one of the exponents of watercolor style that is in vogue today. Her style of tattooing with watercolor is quite famous with the young generation, and that's what has added to her popularity.

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Inal Bersekov (Canada)

He is a Belgium by birth but has settled down in Toronto, Canada. Being a tattoo artist by profession, he travels to other places such as Las Vegas, Korea, and even to his hometown intermittently. He is known for his black-and-gray style of tattooing that requires him using a single needle for body art. He creates realistic tattoos in black and gray. Some of his famous tattoo works are portraits of sports and film personalities like Muhammad Ali, Will Smith, Justin Bieber, and Drake's Sade tattoo.

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Horishow (Japan)

If you are in Japan and are impressed by Japanese mythology, then you must see Horishow. This Japanese tattoo artist is famous for inking traditional Japanese figures in bold colors. You can find him at Amitabha Tattoo located in Fukuoka, Japan. The intricate design of his tattoo with distinct outline has earned him an unfathomable reputation in the world of tattoo art.

Rob Kelly (Hong Kong)

He is a British by birth who moved to Hong Kong with his family in 1994. Rob was inclined towards drawing from his early age. The growing popularity of tattoos had Rob Kelly ventured into the profession of tattooing in 2005. After five years, he opened up a custom tattoo studio - BLACKOUT in 2010 in Hong Kong. He treats every artwork as a teamwork between him and his client. He has mastered different styles of tattooing and takes inspiration for creating unique and custom tattoos from his surroundings.

Lauren Winzer (Australia)

She is one of the tattoo artists whose work is fancied by the Hollywood stars. She has even drawn tattoos on the bodies of celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Hayley Williams, Katy Perry, and Melanie Martinez. Her uniqueness is her tattoo art that is a cartoonist, comical, and whimsical. She is known in the world of tattoo for inking delicate letters on a body. She works with Hunter & Fox Tattoo Studio in Sydney, Australia.

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Valerie Vargas (England)

She started tattooing in 2007 in London, and started her career at Frith Street Tattoo in Soho. After building a loyal clientele, she started her own tattoo studio by the name Modern Classic Tattoo in 2014 with her husband, Steward Robson. Her style of tattooing is western traditional. Her tattoo works are figurative with fine black and grey line and a blend of Japanese style. A documentary on her was filmed by Vice in 2012.

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Daniel DiMattia (Belgium)

If somebody has a deep penchant for blackwork tattoo, then it has to be Daniel DiMattia. His style of tattooing is in plain black ink and is a fine example of body art. Though the blackwork tattoos emphasize shapes and patterns, his works are usually in figurative forms. He is in the tattoo industry for last 20 years and owns a tattoo shop named Calypso Tattoo in Belgium.

Alex Muller (South Africa)

He has been drawing all his life, and is a major in fine arts. He learned the body art from his friends who were tattoo artists, and is known for his hand poking technique. You can find him at The Body Architects in Cape Town, South Africa. Alex uses the traditional style of tattooing.

Pick any one of these tattoo artists according to the tattoo you wish to flaunt and be a part of the amazing body art industry.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Most Expensive Tattoo in The World

Anything that is expensive in the world grabs instant attention. Whether it is a smartphone, bag, wedding dress, automobile, pen, or a wristwatch, the rich have stunned by donning costly gadgets or apparels. Strangely, nobody ever thought about possessing the most expensive tattoo in the world. This jaw-dropping idea was conceived and implemented by a famous diamond retail chain of South Africa -  Shimansky.

Tattoo as a medium of promotion 

We all are aware of the innovative methods companies adopt for promoting their brands. But Shimansky has taken it a few steps further by using a tattoo as a medium for promoting its products. They wanted to use the popularity of tattoos as a medium for promoting their products to high-end customers. For which, Shimansky used real diamonds to encrust on a model's body with an intention of gaining the attention of high-end customers. The retailer used not just a few pieces of diamonds, but 612  0.5 cut diamonds to stick on a model's body to create the world's expensive tattoo that costs around 924,000 dollars, a few margins shy from one million dollars. No wonder, the world is gasping at the unique method of promoting a brand.

What makes Shimansky use diamonds for a tattoo

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Shimansky used a ball as a medium of promotion. They encrusted 2640 dark and 6620 white diamond stones on the ball. The ball weighed a whopping 2.2 kgs, and its price inflated to a jaw-dropping 1.7 million US dollars thus, making it the most expensive football in the world. Perhaps, the encrusting of a ball with diamond stones led to the making a tattoo out of diamond stones.

Model for the diamond tattoo

Tattoos have been embraced by all the cultures around the world. Whether young, old, educated, uneducated, rich or poor, everyone aspires to get his or her body inked with a tattoo. This also motivated Shimansky to encash the popularity of tattoos. For a diamond tattoo, the retailer hired a popular South African model named Minki van der Westhuizen.

It took around eight hours to lay over 612 pieces of cut diamonds on the model's body. To stick the diamond stones on her skin, the tattoo artists used water-based cement.  All the 612 diamonds pieces were laid over on the model's skin one by one. The encrusting of diamonds on her body gave Miniki van der Westhuizen a tough time to lie on her back. But the tattoo design came out impressive. Even the outline of the tattoo became an inspiring botanical example. Though the tattoo was temporary, it became the most expensive tattoo in the world.

If you are interested in spending close to 1 million dollars for a tattoo, you can get diamonds encrusted on your body or buy them at any eight stores of the South African diamond retail chain, and in other four locations set up by the retailer internationally. 

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Wolf Tattoo Meanings

The wolf is a carnivore and mystical animal. Its length, strong jaws, sharp teeth, exceptional intelligence, and outstanding speed make them the perfect predator. They usually hunt in packs and are loyal to their family. Their attributes and traits are often glorified in movies, literature, and scriptures. They share strong emotional attachments with their community. Their natural instincts and strong intuition have made them popular in the tattoo industry. People are using them to ink their bodies since they symbolize strength, loyalty, keen senses, attachment, romantic love, and perseverance.

Let's see what different wolf tattoos mean.

Celtic Wolf Tattoo

Celtic wolves have a deep connection with Scotland, Wales, and Ireland as well as Brittany. The Celts considered wolves as a sacred animal, a guide, and a powerful helper. In fact, they claim themselves to be the descendant of wolves. For them, wolves are a positive symbol. Celtic wolves are the protectors of the fairyland. Celtic wolf tattoos represent strong bonding with nature.

Eagle and Wolf Tattoo

Eagles and wolves are two powerful predators known for speed, keen senses, and an ability to overpower opponents. When both these strong animals are used in a tattoo design, they represent power and freedom. They are also considered as a patriotic tattoo design due to being commonly found in the United States.

Feather and Wolf Tattoo

There are many ways to ink a wolf with a feather tattoo. It also depends on the tattoo artists how he or she combines both in the tattoo design. It is one of the coolest wolf tattoo designs that bring out the essence of the Native American culture. It represents both the beauty and harness of nature.

Howling Wolf Tattoo

A howling wolf with the moon at the backdrop is considered to be a signal of something bad. As there is a deep connection between the dark and a wolf, this tattoo design symbolizes dark things. However, you can take it positively if you consider yourself a free spirit, and strong-headed with a deep inclination towards the wild.

Japanese Wolf Tattoo

The Japanese considered wolves as a symbol of Shinto gods and divine messengers. This Japanese-styled tattoo symbolizes respect for kinship with celestial forces. It is also considered as a symbol of protector in some Japanese myths that say humans used to call a wolf to protect them from harm.

Rose and Wolf Tattoo

If you are devoted and loyal to your partner, then the best way to express it, is by using a rose and wolf tattoo. This unique combination of rose and a wolf in a tattoo symbolizes romantic love. Since wolves are known to be chaste, your partner will appreciate this unique tattoo design.

Werewolf Tattoo

Werewolves are the most misunderstood creatures since ancient Greece. They are often looked at as evil and feared animal, which is why they are used in several horror movies. If you are a fan of the horror genre, and lore, and a fantasy enthusiast, the werewolf tattoo design is best for you.

Wolf Headdress Tattoo

A tattoo design with wolf's head worn as a cap symbolizes the deep connection with Native American culture, tradition, and mythology. The native Americans consider wolves as a spirit guide, and the protector of souls.

Wolf Paw Tattoo

Since wolves are seen a guide by the native Americans, a wolf-paw tattoo symbolizes moving forward in life or receiving guidance. Many use this tattoo design in memory of their ancestors.

Wolves are powerful symbols in native American, Greece, and Japanese cultures. When used as a tattoo, they express strong spiritual, romantic, and personality traits. Wolf tattoos have become a conventional tattoo. They deliver powerful meanings and can be inked either in single or along with various elements and symbols.